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Xutti Frutti

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Xutti Frutti Contribution

Thank you for your interest in contributing to our Xutti Frutti™ project.

We would appreciate if you sent us images that apply to the following terms:

  • The images are in DICOM, DICONDE, or DICOS format.
  • Though we currently have mainly X-Ray images, also other modalities like MR are welcome.
  • The object of the image must be a fruit, a vegetable, or any other edible plant. Mushrooms are also acceptable.
  • If possible, the images should be taken from different directions.
  • The plant should be mostly harvest-fresh. We do not want images of cooked or prepared food.
  • You must be the copyright holder of the images.
  • You must grant us the right to publish the images on the Xutti Frutti website.
  • We publish only anonymized files. You agree that we may modify the files and post-process the images.
  • If you wish we'll mention your name as a contributor. But you can remain anonymous instead, if you prefer.

Please contact us if you are willing to provide us with such images.


Xutti Frutti is an MHGS project.

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